Cessna 172

It’s a fact. The Cessna Skyhawk is most popular aircraft ever built!  So out of the thousands of 172’s out there, why will you like ours?


  • IFR Certified= accurate information for your VFR flight
  • Exhaust temperature gauge
  • Intercom 4 place
  • King radio stack (KLN 89B GPS, Mode C transponder, DME, Dual Nav Com)
  • New paint as of 2009
  • 180hp engine upgrade= faster climb and cruise with 30 more H.P. than factory
  • Gross Weight STC= more payload



The Cessna 172 was arguably the most elegant compromise in the history of aviation. It might not have been the best airplane at doing any one thing, but it was clearly the best at giving its owners a satisfying taste of everything they wanted in a personal airplane. For many of those owners, the 172 was the airplane of a lifetime.

Flying Magazine

Cessna 172: Still Relevant