Private License Privileges- A private pilot may:

  • Fly within the  United States and many foreign countries
  • Fly during the day or night
  • Split the cost of the flights with friends and family members
  • Fly for personal business or pleasure
  • License is good for life
  • Fly aircraft up to 12,500 lbs

What Aircraft will I fly

Cessna 152, Cessna 172, or your own. Pacific has aircraft for rent, or we can help you buy your own.

Hours Required to Obtain License

  • Minimum of 40 hours of flight time
  • Minimum of 20 hours of instruction in the air
  • The national average of getting a private pilot license is 65 hours of flight time.

Pacific Aviation wants to make sure that once you start your training that you can finish. Remember to ask questions when comparing other program prices with ours. Make sure the quote you receive is realistic and includes ALL aspects of the flight training process, not just the minimums.

How do I pay?  Pay as you go, put money down for a discount, or finance through the “Pilot Finance” program with easy monthly payments.  Ask for details. Cost estimates are available for training in our Cessna 152 and 172


  • May not be compensated “paid” for flying (that is what a commercial license is for)
  • Must have a current medical certificate (duration depends on your age)
  • Must have a current flight review every 2 years
  • Cannot fly in bad weather (unless you add on an “instrument” rating)
  • Tailwheel, complex, more than 12,500lbs and aircraft with greater that 200hp require an additional training.

Things to do with my Private Pilot license

Here are some fun stories about people with their private pilot license
Why I fly website (explore the options on the left side of the page)
Flying Adventures lots of fun ideas around the U.S.A and beyond
Ranch help (using an aircraft for work and fun)
– Local favorite fly out destinations (times vary based on type of aircraft and wind)

  • Gold Beach 1 hr round trip
  • Crescent City 1.5 hrs round trip
  • Crater lake 1.5 hrs round trip
  • Reno 2.5 hrs one way

Things to add to my Private Pilot license

  • Instrument rating – fly through the fog and clouds
  • multi engine- twice the fun
  • High performance- more than 200 hp
  • Complex- retractable gear and constant speed propeller
  • Tail wheel- fly a classic (little wheel on the tail)
  • Type ratings- for jet and aircraft over 12,500 lbs