Student License

The student license is the first stop on your way to achieving your flying goals. You must get a student license before applying for any other license. After receiving your medical certificate your instructor will “activate” your license if you meet the student requirements applicable to you. Stop by our office today and get a list of local medical examiners that can give a FAA physical exam. If you have a medical condition Pacific recommends that you consult with us regarding your flying goals. Consultations are always free! Just call 541-479-2230


  • Must meet T.S.A. requirements (US citizens require a birth certificate & photo ID, or passport)
  • Must take a written test, which may be done at Pacific Aviation N.W. Inc.
  • Must pass a FAA medical exam (level of exam is determined by your goal license)
  • Complete required flight maneuvres
  • Receive required endorsements from your instructor
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Proficiently Read, write and speak English
  • Have a genuine desire to learn to fly


Hours required:

  • Pacific minimum for solo is 10 hours
  • Average is approximately 15 hours of flight for solo


  • No Passengers may be carried.
  • Each solo flight must have instructors approval
  • Solo flight must be properly endorsed in the student’s log book
  • May not fly at night
  • May not fly in bad weather
  • May not use a student license for business or recreational flights